Part Two of how to spot a fake Anya Hindmarch bag

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This is part two of How to spot a fake Anya Hindmarch I'm Not a Plastic Bag. For those of you who have come straight to this page, I would recommend that you go to



I have inserted this bit in all my guides as it is very important. I have noticed that a some of the fake bag sellers are making their auctions and or their feedback private. If you see this, be VERY wary.

Also some of them are not using Paypal, this takes away a LOT of your protection if you do end up with a fake (see my guide on how to recover your money if you end up with a fake bag)

A lot more sellers are using photos of genuine bags, get them to send pictures of the actual bag you are bidding on or the information supplied in these guides will not be able to be put into use until you recieve the bag. This is especially applicable to sellers that are selling multiple fake bags and use the same picture for all their auctions.

In this part we will look at the tell tale signs on the inside

The first thing we see is the lettering on the inside at the top. The differences between the genuine and the fake can be quite difficult to spot.

This one is a very close match with the font, unfortunately ebay restrict the size of the picture so I have had to do my best.

                 Genuine                                 Close up of Genuine                                    Fake



               Genuine                                                Fake


The font on the fake, although it is quite a close match is different to that of the original. If we look closely at the "a", you will see on the genuine bags, there is a slightly longer tail on it. Have a close look at the "e", you will see that if you continue the tail of the "e" on the genuine bag, it would make a circle with a line across the centre of it. However, if you tried to do that on the "e" on the fake bag, it would end up going off to the side.

The other thing to notice is that the letters have a bigger space between them on some of the fake bags. For example look at how far the top of the "r" is from the top of the "r" on the fake bag.

Have a look at the "C" in the circle, here you can see a difference as well.

One final thing to notice about this text is that quite often on the fakes bags it is thicker than the text on the genuine bags.

Bottom of the bag

The bottom of the inside of the genuine bags has a rigid base which is attached to one side so that it can be lifted up to fold the bag. Some of the fakes don't have a rigid base at all or just a loose one.


Whilst all this may be useful, it is only useful if the seller displays pictures of the actual bag he or she is selling. Some sellers selling fake bags display pictures of genuine bags. In this case, it would only be useful once you have recieved the bag. Ask the seller to email you close up pictures of the areas I have pointed out, a genuine seller would have no problem in doing this.

As with all ebay transactions, it would be wise to check the sellers feedback, but this in itself is not always a good indicator as there is one seller selling literally hundreds of fakes and has good feedback.

Be suspicious of sellers that have a lot of these bags for sale, don't forget, they were hard to come by.

Even though some say reciept and tags included, these are probably more easy to forge than the bag itself

Have a look at the location of the seller and the bag, If they are in two seperate locations, beware. If the bag is in a different country and the seller is saying original Sainsbury's reciept included, again beware.

Have a look to see if the if the purchase would be covered by Paypal's buyer protection, this way if things go wrong, you have some protection.

Finally, if you see a bag you want to bid on but are not sure, please do contact me and I will give you my honest opinion.

If you have found this guide to be useful, I would be grateful if you could please click the   "YES"   button just below this to the left so that I know that it is being beneficial and will carry on updating it.

If you have already bought a fake bag, CLICK HERE to see how you may be able to get your money back

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