Paul Smith Fake Watches - Speedometer Half Dial Flyback

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It has become apparent that some people are trying to sell Paul Smith watches on Ebay that are, in fact, fake.
All Paul Smith Watch are now sold in Black Boxes that should either slide out or open on two sides (2010 - There has been a new box design which has a removable top lid).
Most sketches on Paul Smith watches are in the center on the back plate of the watch.
Not all watches have the Paul Smith sketch, it seems that the Made in Japan ones generally don't, it is the higher end priced watches that do have the sketches on them.
I am pretty sure that there is no such thing as a factory second when it comes to PS watches.
Speedometer Half Dial Flyback Vintage Watches - Watches sold with 721434, 721863, or 721542 (There may be other numbers, so please see further details below in 2013 Update).  As I understand it, each genuine watch has a unique number.  I know this because I have owned about 10 and they have all been different.  The fakes nearly always come with no box or papers but are always described as mint condition.  Genuine examples commonly come in a leather style clamshell box with chrome finishings, though this should not be assumed that the article is definitely genuine as these boxes can be purchased without watches.
2013 Update
I have acquired a fake Speedometer Paul Smith watch (before returning it for a refund), and have noted several suitable but definite differences.  The crown on a fake watch sticks out further than on the genuine article.  I would say the fake sticks out approx 3mm and the genuine 2mm, and the fake watch crown has a flat face but the genuine is slightly curved.
The actual watch housing of the fake watch has slight curves to it, but the genuine watch is more angular and flat.  This is very subtle but can easily be seen when putting the two watch together.
The biggest difference is the glass.  The fake watch glass sits pretty much flush with the face whereas the genuine watch glass guts out about the watch face.  This can be felt when pushing your finger over the edge of the glass
The Paul Smith signature, hour and minute/second number on the fake watch seems fussy and almost printed on, whereas the genuine watch has crisp edges to the type.  The other obviously difference is that on the fake watch the minute/seconds numbers around the face are not coloured!  These should be coloured so that they match up with the minute and seconds hand colours so that the time can be read easily.
On the rear of the watch the numbers and inscription on the back plate almost look printed on the backplate of the fake watch (although there is a little indentation), whereas the genuine watch looks inscribed\punched.
The deployment clasp on the fake watch is polished like the strap whereas on the genuine watch is is dull in comparison.
There are a lot of other small differences and I have photos to show these differences.
This guide relates to the Vintage style watch released in the late 1990's.  A more modern version was released in approx 2006 which has a brushed chrome face and a date window.  To my knowledge at this time there are no fakes of this type of watch being produced.

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