Pay Pal - Not as secure as you think.

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Leave Pay Pal, at your earliest opportunity.

My problem arose when someone tried to debit my Pay Pal Account for over £450. This was attempted several times over one weekend last year. Pay Pal were slow to recognise the problem and I was lucky that I happened to be looking at my Pay Pal history at that time. I repeatedly asked Pay Pal to close my account but they said I had to jump through some hoops first.

My wife works for an online bank and stopped all payments from the affected card. This had the effect of suspending my account. They claimed that to close my account I had to give them details of another card to relaunch the account in order to close it.

I spent a several pointless conversations with a raft of numpties who didn't make the grade at McDonalds. My argument was along the lines of - if some nutter cuts one of your testicles off, you would hardly disarm him and then hand back the weapon for a second go ! 

To resolve the issue, I had to submit details of a credit card. (One I wasn't intending to use.) Close my Pay Pal account and then close the credit card account. All the while Pay Pal were telling me that my account was inactive and therefore safe - but as I pointed out repeatedly, they let £450 go through on several occassions without my say so. Forgive me for being a tad sceptical when my airline pilot gets aboard and encourages me to pat his guide dog !

I sent them a shoe box full of talc with the word "Anthrax" on the lid on the coldest day of last year !

(Just kidding - Won't tell you what I really sent them !)


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