Pay Pal Scammers.

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POSSIBLE  Pay Pal Scammers. Please add to the list if you have good reason to suspect anyone of scamming.

Some criteria to watch out for: Want you to contact them away from Ebay and their email address is very different from their Ebay user name.
                                                Their written English is poor as you might expect from someone who's first language is not Engish, but there email address                                                  is a very English name.
                                                They wont supply a name,contact number or area where they are from.
      They can only pay via Pay Pal.
                                                Try to 'sell' you Pay Pal: e.g. "It is very safe to pay you" "If you not have account it easy to join" then give you a link to Pay                                                 Pal.
                                                When you ask them for more info about themselves they back off easily.

Following is the Ebay user name ID from which our concern came.    tonylovesme1083
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