Pay half and half!

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I think Ebay should allow the policy of paying half your item price before delivery and then half after you recieve your item! This way it may cut down the amount of scammers and may guarantee delivery of your purchased item, from whoever you purchase from on ebay! Ebay should work together with paypal, For example:-

The buyer pays the full amount for the item purchased to paypal only, but paypal only sends half the payment until the buyer recieves the item. Then when the buyer recieves the item, they need to confirm delivery in their ebay account, which then automatically informs paypal immediately. paypal can then send the rest of the payment to the seller.

theres a 50/50 chance it could work, maybe higher. I say 70/30, anyway. The amount of scammers on ebay are rising all the time because they believe they can beat the system, so until This theory or any other for that matter! is tried and tested for a while, buyers.... and sellers! will continue to be scammed until something is done! The good people are suffering EBAY! so step up to the challenge and do something about it!!! 

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