PayPal Payment Notifications

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If you are a Seller who accepts PayPal as a form of payment you will be aware that when a Buyer makes a payment for one of your sold items, PayPal will send you a Payment Notification email.  This will make you aware that an item has been paid for and you can then dispatch the item and maybe let the Buyer know.


For unknown reasons, sometimes a Payment Notification will not be sent !!!

It is important to check the payments made to your PayPal account each day by actually signing in through the PayPal website.  With the the new Feedback system and introduction of DSR stars related to Fee Reductions and listing visibility, failure to check your PayPal account could be very costly.  With the fragility of the new system, it could only take single Buyer to mark you down on a Dispatch Time Star and you have lost your Fee reduction bonus!

Now you are aware of this potential problem that can occur, you can plan to protect yourself.   Remember, regardless, check your PayPal account each day and save yourself money in Fees! 

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