PayPal stole £42 from me. I no longer accept PayPal

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A Letter just sent to their Executive complaints escalation team.

Although I know for a fact that I will just get some jumped up sarcastic reply that will be made to look like it is a computer generated response, here is the email i submitted into the form that is labelled for complaints against PayPal. We all know they only put that there because of EU Law and the complaints go to those who are being complained about.. WHAT A JOKE!!

You have limited my account for no apparent reason and cancelled 3 withdrawal requests charging me £14 for each.
Because of this, I have refunded 3 of the items purchased yesterday and have not dispatched any of them. This leaves one that was not refunded. ID Number PW91842RB4921018
I under no circumstances am prepaired to dispatch this item so it would seem the buyer will be making a complaint especially once I have advised him to do so.
PayPal have stolen £42 from my account claiming that simply cancelling a withdrawal request costs £14.
I will be informing this customer that the reason I cannot refund him is due to paypal removing the funds from my account.

Please return the £42 to my account so I can refund this customer. There is no way you can claim that simply cancelling a bank transfer that has not even been processed can cost £14.

As usual PayPal lives upto the reputation that is so quickly becoming public knowledge.

£42 for simply cancelling 3 pending transactions!

The above is  the message sent to them today and we will see their response. I know that it will probably be some guy called Damien or Damen who responds.

The situation is this, I opened the account, I added a credit card, I added and verified my bank account and I completed their expanded user program, How could their possibly be any question about my ID? But yet, PayPal decide this is an opportunity to take £42 and they jump on it..
I say they stole this money because there was no reason to cancel the withdrawals, ALSO, the withdrawals had not been processed, they were still in the pending stage so paypal incurred NO Bank charges etc.

Like they do not cost enough already. I have a merchant account setup with my bank. PayPal charged me over £2.30 for receiving a payment of £54.. My own bank would have charged 97p for a credit card and 25p for a debit card!! I HATE PAYPAL!

When you contact ebay, you get a civilized polite and personal response from an agent who introduces themselves before answering your query. PayPal respond with an arrogant jumped up response signed PayPal Department and the emails are made to look as though either they did not understand your question or they ignore the point totally and pretend the response was computer generated.

eBay insist on sellers who wish to list on ebay express having a paypal account but how are we supposed to operate under these conditions? it makes no economic sense what so ever...

To get ebay to take note, people need to vote helpful for every article that details how paypal think they can be a law unto themselves and simply hide behind the "we are preventing fraud" argument!

PayPal limited my account when I opened it and I had to go through their procedure to have the account restored.
They have limited it again and now expect me to go out of my way to fax documents etc AGAIN so I can continue to accept payments using paypal, paying their ridiculously high transaction fees and after they have stung me for 42 quid. No Way!
Why would I want to be a customer of PayPal anyway? I have my own Merchant account and I never have to worry about withdrawing the money before I dispatch or having the money frozen etc.

I will NEVER accept PayPal again and can only appologize to all my ebay customers.

PayPal claim they are so safe and secure yet they are not!
The people in charge at PayPal do not represent what I feel ebay stands for and I really do wish ebay would sort it out!
I will now post a link to this article in all my auctions so that buyers can understand why I will not accept paypal and I hope they will understand.

I will accept a Cheque and Payment via my own Bank of Scotland merchant account BUT I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL!

A Note to buyers just to sum up, Although it is sometimes a good idea to beware of buyers who do not accept PayPal, especially if they have no feedback, I hope this guide gives you some understanding as to why a business seller would not wish to receive paypal payments.
PayPal do not seem to value sellers as much as buyers even though it is sellers who pay them all the fees.

The fact I will no longer accept PayPal is not because I am someone who is going to rip you off, it is simply because PayPal makes no economic sense to a professional company and it completely unpredictable and seemingly unreliable.

I can accept all major credit and debit cards including American Express. My system is 100% safe and secure and processing of your card is immediate meaning your items are sent out the same day as your payment is received.

I hope this guide is helpful and gives you an insight into PayPal. thats just in case you did not know already what they are like ;)

Please vote this guide as being a help and if enough of you do, maybe ebay will take it on board and start a thorough investigation into how PayPal is being run and why it is becoming more and more known that paypal is no financial friend.

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