Paypal 3V Gift Card review

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I find this pre-paid VISA card is a bit of a con. The registration process is tiresome. In the fine print it says you get charged a £2 monthly administration fee every month from the 9 month after purchase unless you have spent all the credit! (What a rip off - what costs does the card provider suddenly incurr if you dont use your all your card balance after the 8th month?!) If you want to spend via eBay and you already have a Paypal balance then you can't use this card as the funding source until you have a zero Paypal balance. Also you have to register it on your Paypal account as an additional credit card - tedious. Then there is the potential problem of how to use up the whole balance, on say, a £50 gift card e.g. if you use this as a normal credit card - buy something online for £47.99 and then you have to find something for £2.01, unless you can find a retailer that accepts partial payments from various cards. I managed to get rid of the balance on my 3v Paypal card by using it as a conventional credit card (not via Paypal) and paying my water bill online with it. I paid the remainder of the water bill with another credit card. And of course watch out for the card losing ALL of its balance after 12 months - what a nice money making scam eh?! And it all begins with someone innocently thinking they are doing you a favour by buying you a simple gift card. Never again. The £2 monthly fee appears described as A2A ONLINE on your 3V online statement, and there is no advice on the 3V website as to who this is so you have to work it out for yourself.
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