Paypal Allow Duplicate payments WHY! Then don't help!!!

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I have recently paid a seller from the USA twice in error. I was actually trying to pay an additional amount of $20.00 for shipping. I then used the item number as a reference and Paypal automatically paid the full amount for the item again. I cannot believe that a business that sets itself up as THE SAFE AND SECURE WAY TO PAY ONLINE can allow this to happen.  How difficult would it be to install a security device that would not allow you pay twice.

Having made that payment to a registered seller, you are told that Paypal will not help to recover it. No you have to rely upon the honesty and integrity of that seller.  In my case they have made no response whatsoever, to my requests for repayment. Added to which I have not even received the item that I originally purchased.

It is time that ebay and Paypal revised their policies, and offered help to the innocent members of the community, instead of backing out when the going gets tough. They are both very quick to take their fees from us, but do not really want to bothered when things go wrong.

Their excuse for this is, that they cannot be seen to be taking sides between buyer and seller.  Surely it is patently obvious to even the most inane people, that a duplicate payment is an error and should be reversed. Actually it should never be allowed to happen in the first place.

I am so disillusioned, by all of this, I am strongly tempted to close both my account with ebay and Paypal. For goodness sake you take the fees take some responsibility.

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