Paypal Buyer Protection Warning

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Just a quick note. When buying items on Ebay one thing most of us check is the amount of Paypal Buyer Protection cover. As you know and I'm sure you will agree Ebay is not a 100% safe place to trade. Obviously this is through no fault of Ebay it's down to the few individuals spoiling it for the rest of us. Recently I purchased a laptop for £140. In a nutshell the seller scammed me nothing was sent. The advertised Paypal protection was £150 so I thought no probs I'm covered. I went through all the dispute / file a claim procedures. Several weeks later I was e-mailed by Paypal saying I was getting nothing even though they judged in my favour. Basically the way it works you're not actually covered by Paypal i.e. they don't put thier hand in thier pocket and cover the loss, it's all down to how much Paypal can get back from the seller. To this day I'm still out of pocket and I am pursuing this through the online small claims court.

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