Paypal Buyer Protection or NOT As It Seems

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When shopping on ebay and using paypal as your payment method you are lead to belive that your purchase should be safe up to the £500 spending level. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I recently bid on and won some alpine car audio equipment to the value of £533. Thinking that I was taking the safe option I paid with paypal and patiently waited for the equipment to arrive. I waited and I waited And I waited, you can guess what is coming next can't you! Two weeks down the line still no alpine kit so I filed a dispute with paypal. After a lot of back and forth between myself, paypal and the seller it turned out that the guy had no proof of postage, tracking number or anything else to substantiate his claim that the equipment had been sent. Paypal then get in contact with me to say that they have decided the dispute and claim in my favor! I think to myself great I will get my money back but no, the guy has £105 in his paypal account so that is what I receive and to this day is ALL i have received from my original £533 purchase price! £500 PURCHASE PROTECTION I THINK NOT!!!! I have continued to chase the matter up with paypal but am continually given the excuse we will do everything to retrieve your money but can't discuss the actions taken with you! What action has been taken? NONE! The guy is still registered on ebay and still has £428 of my money! As paypal is an 'ebay company' surely a little more customer care and responsibility would seem appropriate!
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