Paypal Chargebacks

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I wanted to write this guide so that I may warn other good sellers like myself who have been trading on Ebay for a while or are new to selling of Paypal chargebacks which I am sure other sellers have already experienced.

It is outrageous that whenever there is a chargeback from a buyer, Paypal always accepts their reason without question. I can to a certain degree understand, but I have had two chargebacks from buyers and in both cases Paypal has honoured the buyer and I was left with nothing despite the fact that I have paid all my fees.

I am aware that Paypal do offer protection to the buyer and seller, but I cannot see where the seller is protected against these dishonest buyers. The last chargeback Paypal emailed me to notify that they were investigating the matter, eventually they emailed me to say that the chargeback has been granted to the buyer as I have not provided a tracking number for the item I shipped. Postage costs are already high and adding the extra for signed-for delivery with tracking especially outside the UK does not seem feesable for the buyer and definitely not the seller.

How can a seller ever run a business if they have to charge every buyer a signed-for delivery. The only way I found helpful although not yet proven, is to ship within three working days rather than specifiy in my listings that I will ship the next day. I do think that this method is good for unauthorised Paypal or credit card users and it gives enough time for Paypal to scrutinise the transaction and warn the seller, hopefully, in time.

So sellers, all I can say is watch out, beware and definitely follow the rules of scrutinising your transactions even if it means you have to cancel bids.

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