Paypal Investigation a waste of time, Is paypal safe?

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I sold a pc monitor on ebay for £30 listed as spares or repair with cracked screen, i promptly sen the item and even upgraded the postal service offered to the buyer without any futher charge,  a few days later i get emails fromthe buyer claiming they have not recieved the item??.

I make my own enquiries about the buyer and discover he has purchased the same model monitor from another seller in the same week and that seller is also telling me the buyer wants him to calim for postal damage on the moniotr he sent (this now sends alarm bells ringing).

It appears this buyer regulary making false postal claims so i sent him email informing him of what i know and sating i will not refund his money or make a postal claim on his behalf.

i hear nothing for 2 weeks then out the blue i get email from paypal informing me they had refunded his £42 (£30 bid +£12 posatge),   i disputed the refund and was told by paypal they would do nothing about it as i had not used an online tracking method for the posting although i had a receit of postage and gave them all the details on that and they still refused to give me my money back and left my account in a negative balance state.

i have appealed there decision and have heard nothing from them for 4 weeks now??????

so all iin all i have a paypal acoun showing me to be in arears and no monitor either and it appears as though paypal are helping this guy to get away with what i would consider to be postal fraud ( i wonder how many others have fallen victim to his scams)

needless to say i will never ever accecpt payl as a form of payment again so paypal themselves lose out in the end with reduced bussiness.

but what about my £42 and monitor???            well it looks like ebay leaves itself open to online fraud that could easily be reported to the authorities and trace to the person in question and it also looks paypal really does not care at all about helping to combat this type of activity and is actually condoning it by issuing the refunds.

as far as i am concerned i feel that paypal themselves have comitted a form of fraud by actually taking funds from my account without any form of authority from myself.

I would be very interested to hear about others having simailr problems to myself and would welcome the chance of setting up some campain to fight this type of behaviour from both online scammers and supposedley legimate and safe payment sites like paypal.

I would very much like to hear from paypal to explain to me why they believe there site is safe and secure when they actually make the refund without any consent and in by doing so render the whole security issue useless and they may aswell have a totally unsecured site where everyone displays there card details to everyone else  

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