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I wanted to write this quick guide, just to give people a word of warning. I sold an item on ebay, and then i got an e-mail from "paypal", saying that the person had paid, but they have the money but will only put it into my bank account after I have sent it, and showed them proof postage, with the tracking number. The e-mail looked like it came from paypal, also had there name on the email as paypal as in Although the REAL address was This is not paypal, i rang them up straight the way and they never ask for tracking numbers or proof of postage before they put the money into your account. It's a good job i stopped this or they would of got a free phone. I noticed this because I am very up on ICT secruity, but just check everything, ring paypal up directly because they are extremely helpful, or just forward the e-mail to and within an hour they will e-mail you back to say if its a real or fake e-mail. Please becareful, I don't want some innocent sole loosing out big time. The common phrase they will use when e-mailing you is "It's for my son in germany" "For my hubby in nergia". Beware of forgein buyers, and people not shipping to the oringal address, make sure the money is in your paypal account before sending it. Good Luck!
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