Paypal Seller Protection is no protection

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This is a warning notice to sellers who feel that Paypal's 'seller protection' is of any use whatsoever.

The entire process is in fact totally geared to fraudulent buyers wanting free goods.

The only exception is where you have sent goods using a signed for service, where you are far better served by the courier. - Even Royal Mail is better than Paypal.

Why: Well as most of you know the cost of postage is crippling your business already. This is especially true if you sell fairly light low value but bulky items, where in August Royal Mail increased prices by up to 365%.

The cost of a signed for service is even more prohibitive if you send items abroad. As a result you cannot stay in business using a tracked service for low value items. You'd never sell anything.

So how does Paypals 'seller protection' work for the fraudsters:

Simple, they don't pay for the recorded service, and when the item arrives, they complain that it hasn't.

Whatever happens after that you lose!. If you refund the money you've lost. You cannot enter into a dialog with Paypal, your only choice is to make a full refund since you can't quote a tracking number.

If you don't make the refund voluntarily, Paypal does it anyway, and then fines you as well.

They are not interested in 'proof of posting', your only defence is in a tracking number. - And if you have a tracking number you can claim easily from the courier.- And are therefore not likely to get involved in the Paypal process.

So under Paypals seller protection, you are presumed to be a lying cheating shyster, and guilty until proven innocent. - You have no defence route open to you. - Even trying to email them directly results in the case being closed against you due to 'non response'. You have just three choices

1) Make a FULL refund voluntarily

2) Tell them the tracking number

3) Supply irrefutable proof that you have already refunded the money.

The fact that you have a 100% positive feedback based on over 600 satisfied customers going back several years, and your accuser is a Lithuanian only registered a few weeks ago who declined the option of a signed service in the first place is not taken into account. If anyone claims that something didn't arrive, and you don't have a signature for it, then you Mr Seller lose

And to add insult to injury, your chances of getting your final listing fees back from eBay are virutally nil, because in order to do that you need the buyer to agree. 

Yes their "seller protection" protects the seller very much like witchfinders used to protect witches.

Fortunatley most buyers are honest, but if you do get a dodgy one, the might of EBay and Paypal are squarely behind the fraudster.

And by the way, Royal Mails 'recorded delivery' is not a tracking service within the Paypal definition. All it does is literally record the fact that the item was delivered. Royal Mail have no idea where it is in the meantime, and it is in fact less safe than ordinary second class postage. (Surprisingly, criminals target recorded delivery letters since they are more likely to be of value!. They can't be bothered with second class.)

Just though you'd like to know.

And finally, now eBay regards all buyers as totally trustworthy, and all sellers as lying cheating crooks who cannot even leave negative feedback any more to warn other sellers.

Yes indeed folks:

Want something for nothing, just log on to eBay and steal whatever you want, and the person you stole from gets the bad reputation..

What most decent folk would regard as Mr Potato Head justice I think. Why their ludicrous scheme even has me as a top reviewer................



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