Paypal a waste of time

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Paypal is a wate of time, they are not interested in your problems as a seller, I recently sold an item that was paid for by paypal, then some weeks later they took it back out, when looking into this matter they said the customer had paid with an out of date account, now funny enough I was under the impression that they had a clue what they were doing it would appear not, they are responsible as far as I am concerned for making sure that the information is correct as they approve the sale transaction in the first place, I know we all would feel happier to have nocheck or another as an option for payment, but because paypal is an ebay company that will never be an option will it, and now they are registered outside the uk we all should think twice about using them at all, the best thing we can all do is when having a problem with paypal report them in writing to the FSA and keep reporting them till something is done, the other problem is they are registered as a uk limited company and have a telephone number, but when you ring it you surprise get ebay, and they refuse point blank to put you through to paypal unless you know a contact that you can talk to, even then they will say that person is not on there list, I think its about time we all pushed ebay to add a link for other payment options, because at the end of the day they are not giving us a choice as a seller on how we receive the money, some sellers I know now will only take cheques as payment because of this.

Its about time we started a petition to get ebay to allow us to put what payment gateway we like, not what we are told, if you agree lets get it going and show the feeling of the uk members.

petrolcaps2008   email sales @ petrolcaps . co . uk



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