Paypal and Fraud

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My partner and I have recently tried to purchase some expensive items from EBay - (chainsaw x2, Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000 stereo system, cars etc.) and have met 5 sets of scammers, all using Paypal. Apparently money is transferred from Paypal into their new bank accounts (both opened with fake ID) and then the Bank account is emptied whilst we are still waiting for the goods to arrive. We then get the money back (minus £115 from Paypal or £50 from our credit card companies)  but they get away with the cash to do it again. You may only lose £50 but its your £50 and its easy not to get caught out.

1) Feedback is king! A +ve feedback of 4 with all 4 items being low price (hence lower EBay charges) and all left by other low feedback users is not suggestive of a good seller. 

2) Good communications suggest a good seller so ask questions or read the reply to others questions.  

3) ROUTINELY request the sellers contact details from EBay and then check their name and address against or the like.

4) Dont send any money until you speak to them over the landline phone or are happy that they live (or work) where they say they do .

5) Be suspicious - someone who has never sold before or only sold low price items suddenly flogging a £7000 stereo system could be legit but........

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