Paypal and money going missing from your bank account?

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I was at work the other day (Friday7th December) and got a call to my work from my Bank. They informed me that my bank account was overdrawn by 359 Pounds? O.M.Gawd, i could not understand why?

I was informed it was a PayPal transaction placed that morning! I went to the bank right away and lucky for ME they stoped the payment which totalled to 467 Pounds!

On getting home i checked my paypal and sure enough money had been transferd. I contacted the person named that receved the money. This poor person had no clue what it was. He was contacted by a company saying they are paying people to accept money via paypal from accounts of people who are buying foreign currancies!! And wanted him to wire transfer the funds onto them! Thus stealing THOUSANDS from peoples paypal accounts being Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. I was the lucky one for it to be flagged up and stoped in time.

You may not be so lucky! I do not know exactly how they got my information for paypal to use my account to remove funds but they did! The company may contact you, be aware about the info they want! The name is Belle-Exchange and the person is calle Jennie Olle and it is a company about e-currencies.

I cannot supply anymore details as i have none but can sit in hope that i can save many more people from this scam and be aware of this name and e-mail address and any of similar e-mails regarding similar things.

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