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Just a few words here on the subject of when a paypal payment reads 'paypal payment pending'.

Basically I encountered this myself a few months ago, and there was very very little information provided by Ebay or Paypal about why that statement appears, as opposed to what is usually stated 'item was paid by paypal on (whatever the date is)'.

After searching for some time and doing a power of googling, I found an obscure reference by an Ebayer suggesting that I should update my credit card details. In doing so I suddenly remembered that my credit card had just been renewed and I had forgotten to update the details on Paypal. So I updated my credit card details and since then every paypal payment has gone straight through.

It appears that when Paypal take a direct debit from your bank account, unless you have a backup source of funding on file with them, it reverts to an 'echeque' which can take up to 2 weeks to clear. Because my credit card had expired and been renewed and I had forgotten to update my credit card details for a backup source of funding with Paypal, it reverted to an e-cheque by default.

Since this time I found mention of the same thing on one Ebay listing, where the seller was advising people to make sure their credit card details for backup funding were up to date for the very same reasons I have just mentioned.

So, in brief, that is it. If your paypal payment has been delayed and is showing as 'paypal payment pending' on the item listing, or on your paypal account, then that is why.

I hope this information saves someone some stress... It was stressful for me trying to figure out what on earth was going on. Ebay really should have written a guide on this themselves!

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