Paypal problem at checkout

Like if this guide is helpful

This is for those who can't pay from ebay and receive error message  "Sorry, this page is not available at this time" at checkout.

It seems somehow paypal is stuck and try to pay from balance instead from credit or debit cards.

Well I'm new with Ebay and Paypal but I keep trying for 3 days to pay a winning item.

Finaly I have luck and I make it without any help from Paypal support.

So if you are new (or for old users) please check first your balance in Paypal. It MUST be clean 0.00, othewise paypal try to pay from your balance.

If you have some money (for example I have 1.5 euro from card verification process) make some donations or send to your friends, or if you have more than 10 euro make a withdraw. BALANCE MUST BE CLEAN 0.00.

Enter in your Paypal account, choose Send Payment, then check on eBay items, then click here on "If you prefer to pay on PayPal, click here"

Log on ebay account and then you can see your cards and make payments.


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