Paypal protection... I don't think so... BEWARE!

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I just wanted to write about my dispute that I put into the hands of the paypal dispute team to help me sort out an issue, they turned their back on me big time.  I have to say to everyone that I felt that at every opportunity they only ever offered me an automated response which never took my circumstances into consideration despite me sending many begging emails for help.  

Basically I bought an engine for a Ford Ka for couple of hundred pounds and paid a further £60 to have it delivered to the mechanic who was to fit it.  The advert for the engine stated quite clearly that the engine was from a 2001 ford ka and had only covered 14000 miles.  I paid the mechanic £400 to fit the engine and then it developed serious faults and broke down on way home from the garage... had an AA engineer do diagnostic tests and he stated that the engine had covered substantially more than 14000 miles and advised me to return engine. The mechanic also agreed to substantiate that the engine had indeed covered substantially more than the stated 14000 miles. 

 I requested a refund from seller, he refused, I started up a dispute and despite me supplying paypal with written evidence from two professional independent sources that the engine was not as described, that the advert was fradulent, inaccurate and misleading in its entirety, they demanded I returned the engine, I stated that it was financially out of the question for me to do this as it would cost another £400 to remove it, another £400 to fit another and asked them to take this into account. 

 Paypal refused to have any further correspondce until a tracking number was supplied to prove the engine had been returned.  I couldn't do this and wrote many times to ask for their understanding why, however they then ended the dispute in favour of the seller.  I wrote many more times asking why they were overlooking the fraudulent advertising and why I was getting penalized rather than the seller, but they just sent numerous patronising emails sympathising with my predicament but not actually doing anything.  BE VERY WARY OF PAYPAL DISPUTE FORUM... If they can get out of paying, they will!

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