Paypal reversing payments - FRAUD!!

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I've been scammed by a buyer reversing her paypal payment - yes Jamila002 you know who you are!! (All sellers avoid her - she stated that it was the bank's fault and not her's - unbelievable!!!)  I contacted Paypal who credited my account with the amount that was reversed.  I was advised to always make sure I was sending item to a confirmed address as opposed to an unconfirmed address and keep proof of postage, but now that sellers can't leave neg feedback (and warn future sellers) we're stuffed and totally in the hands of buyers.  Surely this will just open the doors for more scams by the more unscrupulous buyers out there.  Totally unfair.  In the short term the only thing a seller can do is not leave feedback so as to cover themselves if a problem arose.  Again a case of a tiny minority spoiling it for the huge majority........

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