Peplum Dresses – What are they and why are they so Popular?

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Since spring 2013 there has been a massive trend towards peplum, whether it’s a jacket, dress or a skirt, in fact they are now some of our most popular items, but what exactly does peplum mean and why is it suddenly the thing to be seen out and about in?
For the slightly nerdier of our readers the word peplum originates from the ancient Greek word ‘peplos’ essentially meaning tunic and that’s exactly what we mean when we describe a garment as having a peplum design. Peplum dresses, for example, have a small sewn in overskirt, which looks a bit like an elongated hem that covers the hip area. Some examples from our eBay store are shown below:
A Selection of Peplum Dress from our Store
The peplum design has been around for a very long time and was a big fashion statement in the 1940s, but why has it suddenly come back into vogue and more importantly why on earth would you want to draw attention to a part of your body that most women are pretty sensitive about?
As with any item of clothing the key is getting a good fit, when worn right the peplum design should give you that perfect hourglass silhouette. It’s not about drawing attention to your hips, it’s about getting the whole shape right. Peplum dresses offer the easiest way to get the entire outfit looking the way it should, as a rule they tend to be trim fitting around the waist area, provide you a bit of extra lift in the bust and then, of course the peplum itself to accentuate your hips. The result is a garment that is perfectly designed to highlight your features, no matter your body shape. It’s essentially a fashion optical illusion; it is all geared towards making your waist look slimmer.
Peplum has seen a revival on a big scale over recent months; it pretty much builds on the wider revival for fashion elements from the 50s and 60s. We’ve all seen people wearing things that a few years ago we would have just thought ‘really – didn’t that look go out like 50 years ago?!’ but as with anything, once celebrities and fashion labels take it upon themselves to ‘reinvent’ a bygone era, the rest of us inevitably end up following suit. So it was only ever a matter of time before the peplum got reborn.
So now hopefully you know a bit more about exactly what your friends are on about when they start talking peplum. If you haven’t quite got the conviction to go out and buy one for yourself, then our advice would be simply, just give it a go, get something in a plain colour and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at how good it makes you look!

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