Performance moduale's

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we have all seen them we have all read the blurb on them yes it's the performance moduale or chip. well what do you get for your money well it's a 2p resister in a plastic box simply. with claims such as 20+ BHP blah what does it do and most importantly what damage will it do to your engine. first off the way it works is by setting a resistance point that the ecu reads to adjust your car's fuel ratio so in essence it tell's the car to run rich but as the car is running rich it also advances the ignition timing a bit like running on choke but all the time. so yea you do get a bit more power but the car is running so rich as a result. this will over time kill the catalytic converter cause carbon build up in the cylinders and as a result cause detanation and blow a hole in you car's pistons (knackered engine). so my advice is dont buy these silly chip's as they will damage your car. the only real way to get good performace out of your car is through good maintainence and servicing.
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