Performing A Smudging Ritual Or Ceremony

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Choose a time when you are unlikely to be interrupted, and perhaps play some appropriate music to create a soothing atmosphere.

Say a prayer asking your God (or spirit guides, angels, etc) to be with you and guide your actions during the ritual, and for the smoke to trap and remove any negative energy.

Once the smudge stick is smouldering steadily, it should be placed in a heatproof bowl, abalone shell or similar vessel. To begin with, smudge yourself by wafting the smoke around your body starting at your feet and working your way up your body to your head. Next start at a doorway and waft the smoke around the doorframe, and then repeat this for every doorway in your home. Once the doorways have been smudged, you then need to direct the smoke to the four corners of the every room and through the centre of the room. Remember to open any drawers, cabinet, or cupboard doors beforehand.

Once all the rooms have been cleansed, say another prayer to thank your God, or guide, for their help and blessings and to ask them to let the smoke carry any negative energies or entitites away from your home. Open your windows and doors to let the smoke escape.

Finally put out the smudge stick and, after closing the windows and doors, sit down and relax for a while and begin to enjoy your cleansed environment. You may want to repeat the smudging ritual every six months, or whenever you feel the need.

You can make your ritual as simple or complex as you wish. Perhaps light some candles and burn some  incense, or create an altar. Some people also like to surround themselves with their favourite crystals - the choice is yours!

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