Personal Registration Investment -Turn £1k in to £ 25k+

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Hi firstly i would like to introduce my self i am the Director of Imperial M4rk5 Uk.I have had a prefound intersest in Personal Registrations for many years and myself own a collection of Cherished Dateless registrations, which in years have doubled or even trippled in value.

It is said that a man views his car as an extension of himself, but for a woman a car is just a house on wheels, something she can furnish and lavish gifts on.

Cherished number plates hold great value and could be an ideal investment for years to come.Dateless registrations do not contain a year identifier and can consist of a number combination followed by a letter combination and vice versa.E.G 3MA , 57EVE or A1

Commonly misunderstood by many, personal or cherished number plates can now sell for more than the average priced house. Prestigious numbers such as MG 1 and MS 1 are 100-year-old antiques! They are also among the most popular initials in the country.

For instance, it’s only a few weeks since Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich broke the world record for the amount spent on a cherished number plate and already the record has been broken again. Abramovich bought the number plate VIP 1 for £285,000 but now the most expensive number plate is M 1, which reportedly cost a for a staggering £331,000.The new owner is reportedly a Cheshire businessman who bought the personalized number plate as an investment for his 6 year old son.

On 10th December 1993 an anonymous buyer paid £235,000 for 'K1 NGS'. This astonishing figure was achieved at auction in just over two minutes! Other registrations which sold for impressive prices are: '1A' £202,000; 'S1 NGH' £108,000; '1 RR' £106,000; 'G1 LLY' £87,500; 'P1 LOT' £82,500 & 'ELV 1S' £75,000.

This is just mere example of the ever demanding world of personal registrations.

During our 10 years in business it has become apparent that not only does purchasing a personal number plate give you many years of pleasure, but it has also become a sound financial investment. Don't just take our word for it, this is what Quentin Willson of BBC Top Gear Magazine said: "If you buy your number wisely, it will honestly be better than money in the bank."

Unlike your car, the value of your registration does not go down, it doesn't require any maintenance, lasts a lifetime, can be a family heirloom and is totally unique.

Even as a gift, personal number plates never disappoint. The fact that you can personalize your car with your name, initials or even something business related is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Love them or hate them, personal number plates are becoming more and more popular, as a mark of individuality and often as an investment for the future.

You will be very unlucky if you do not make money on your investment



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