Personal info for spam suppliers who block up my In Box

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I am retired and no longer care what time it is - so I do not want a wrist watch.

Have been married for 45 years - do not want any Viagra - would rather play golf.

I have worked for 55 years and had enough so I do not need to know how to prepare a CV.

I have no money to spare or any to Invest - I`ve spent it all.

Don`t want cheap hire purchase on a Car - I have a Bus Pass, thanks.

Do not want any Life Insurance as I won`t be around long enough to gain a financial benefit.

Am not interested in dating - Females or Males - would rather play golf.

I don`t want tickets for anything, Shows, Pop Concerts etc only for Golf and only if for free.

Have just had a weekend away and return to find 75 stupid spam messages ALL OF WHICH ARE DELETED UNREAD.

I`m past it - past anything you can offer, I no longer have use for a body like Charles Atlas or wish to knacker myself in a Gymnasium.

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME sending me messages which I don`t read.

Edit your Files to read - waste of time - OAP - on last legs.

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