Personalised plate FAQ's when buying through ourselves

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I want to buy my partner a personalised number plate as a surprise, can I do this without letting them know?
Yes, we will arrange everything for you from start to finish.

The V5C or V5C/2 certificate (known as a log book) is still in the previous keepers name, do I have to send it to the DVLA first to put it into my name?
No, we can action a change of keeper for you at the same time as transferring your new registration.

I have recently purchased my vehicle and only have the small V5C/2 ‘new keepers supplement’ section of the log book, do I have to wait for the full log book to arrive?
No, the green V5C/2 slip that you have got is accepted by the DVLA when transferring registrations.

Can I buy a registration number that I have seen for sale now and then transfer it to a vehicle sometime in the future?
Yes, we can supply you with your new personalised registration number on a V750.

If my vehicle already has a personalised registration number on it, can I have that number transferred to another vehicle or onto a retention certificate at the same time?
Yes, this is called a double transfer and presents no problem to us, we would advise you of what documentation we require.

If I prefer to assign the registration number myself through my local DVLA Vehicle Registration Office, can I do that?
In most cases when the registration number you are buying from us is stored on a retention certificate, we can send out the retention certificate for you to do that.

If your company does the transfer for me, what vehicle documents will I have to send to you?
If you are buying a number to go onto a vehicle straight away then you will need to provide your V5C, MOT certificate if applicable and also a photocopy of your road tax disc.

What will the DVLA fee cost me?
When the registration number you are purchasing is held or to be held on a retention certificate, the DVLA charge is £105. If the registration mark you are purchasing is currently upon a vehicle then the DVLA charge is only £80. The DVLA fee is payable at the time of purchase and is a compulsory Department Of Transport fee.

How do I know that your company is established and reputable?
Finishing Touch Registrations/ has been in business for over 13 years and are full members of M/I.R.A.D for your protection.

My vehicle isn’t currently taxed, is this a problem?
If your vehicle needs to be taxed then we can handle that for you at the same time as handling your new personalised registration.

How do I get my tax disc, MOT certificate and V5C changed into the new registration number?
We take care of the entire transfer for you from start to finish, supplying you with a complete new set of vehicle documents showing the personalised registration that you have purchased.

How long does the transfer process take?
Most of the registrations that we have for sale are transferred within just a few days, however, individual customers circumstances may affect the completion time. If this is the case we would always advise you at the time of purchase.

If I order a registration from you now, could you liaise with the dealership from where my car is being purchased from, so that I can take delivery of the car on the new registration number?
Yes, we will take care of it all and ensure that the transfer is completed in time for when you take delivery of the car. We would appreciate if you could let us know sooner rather than later for this service.

What type of debit and credit cards do you accept?
We accept all debit and credit cards apart from American Express.

The vehicle I am getting is a foreign import, can you transfer the registration so that it is all completed for when I take delivery?
Yes, we would liaise with your vehicle dealer or we can supply you with a retention certificate if you prefer to carry out a self transfer through your local DVLA office.

What happens to the registration mark that is currently on my vehicle when I buy a new personalised registration?
Your current registration will become void whilst your new registration is on the vehicle, then in 99% of cases the same registration will be re-issued back to the vehicle when you transfer your personalised registration to a future vehicle. If the current registration is of significant value, you can choose to pay the current DVLA fee to retain it, we would of course handle the paperwork for you.

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