Petes Guide to Fair Postage for Wargame Minis

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One of the irksome things I've discovered about Ebay is the supposedly sellers can charge "reasonable" postage.

Like me, most sellers quote you what it costs them in term of materials and stamps price to send items - I've only ever had one quibble from a guy in Canada where the items when they got to him looked like someone had taken a lump hammer to them. Fair enough. I offered him a part refund and he just asked for the cost of the shipping - one of the good guys. In hindsight the fault was mine because I rushed to pack them on that particular Saturday morning before going to the PO.

Now onto the strange practices I've enountered 

Beware of postage "discounts" per item.

I ordered a load of components from an Ebay shop (feel free to ask me since I suspect I cant name them in a review!) - who have this "discount" scheme - and therefore the postage PER COMPONENT is an extra £1 - emails to sensibly combine were ignored - so I paid - the PAPER envelope was sent second class - this "discount" worked out at a 600% surcharge - not reasonable I'd say. To this day I havnt left FB, just given my custom to one of the fair and reputable component sellers that dont rip you off!

More irksome is adding 3% to the invoice to cover Paypal charges - report them - they have no right to do this - the paypal charge like seller fees should come out of the item price. It is an online action after all - if people cant make money fairly they ought'nt do it at all

Next is setting postage at £1.35 per mini and refusing to combine - I KNOW absolutely from my own selling activities that 3 minis plus blister pack packaging plus padded envelope costs no more than £1.95!!!

A plastic box set costs NO MORE than £2.50 thats again including padded envelope and in some cases with enough left for recorded delivery - recorded delivery you should definitely get for £2.75

Most of this applies to GW stuff where people are trying the make back the money they've forked out for GW overpriced minis - my advice to them is - trust me it doesnt work, set your postage at what it costs to send and you'll get more bidders (they know how much costs to post as well as you or I do) - so will watch and grab one cheap 99p item plus your postage surcharge and not come near you again!

And we all know that nothing happens till the last minute of the listing when all the ratlings come out and start sniping................

I write this because I got two Dark Eldar character figures for £1.50 each from a newbie but she charged £2.20 on each postage and ignored combining emails - they were well packaged and sent 1st class - so I suspect she didnt understand how to send a combined invoice!

Contrary to what people might think - it doesnt need the selling of an organ to send  wargaming miniatures by Royal Mail on Ebay - just some sort of sense what it'll sell for and to be surprised when it sells for more than you thought!

Oh and a sense of fairness....................


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