Philips SCE7640 Portable Power Pack

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Bought this product from an online retailer and just thought I would post this review/Guide here to help anybody else out there who like me has untold amounts of gadgets and always wanting more power to feed them when out and about..

Lots of Adaptors and connecting tips for many devices, also enclosed was a neat little USB cable that retracts automatically, making for handy storage.

This product charges most of my gadgets and portable appliances but has trouble charging my new iPod Touch 32GB, I have sent off for the free adaptor from Philips for all the newer Apple product line which is in constant update and change, so hopefully that should sort this minor problem out.
What it does charge is my iPod Nano 3rd gen without a problem and my Samsung Tocco lite Mobile phone but only with my original Samsung cable as there isn't an adaptor in the box for this model, although there is a Samsung adaptor in there it is the older type.
It also charges another MP3 player I have and what impressed me the most was it also charges my Sony Vaio TR1 Ultraportable Laptop which needs 16volts.

Have been charging all my gadgets from it for almost 2 days now and the blue power bar indicator on the device has only gone down 1 bar, leaving what must be days of power still left in the device, other reviews I have read state that this holds its charge for many months on end and if that is the case, I will be a very happy man

All in all a top product from Philips and offers power for a host of products with lots of adaptors for many devices out there..

Its expensive but the old adage of you get what you pay for holds true in this instance

******Update on the adaptor from Philips...They sent me one free of charge and once connected via the adaptor the iPod Touch 32GB charges perfectly, I would say that the iPhone beng the same thing would also charge from this powerpack too..Do not hesitate to buy this powerpack for your power needs when out and about with all your gadgets, been using this for 6 months now and it is brilliant! you will not need anything else..******

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