Phone Clones on eBay

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This is hopefully going to be of help to you as i have been scammed before with this sort of thing.
If you are buying a handset from ebay, be very carefull of what you buy!
The all new iPhone 4 has been cloned in about 15 different models, most distinctively like the original phone itself.
Phone clones can be spotted in many different ways.
The first thing to look out for is the wording about the phone. If the seller uses words like Dual Sim or GSM Phone then it is most likely going to be a fake phone. Also look out for the wording at the top of the advert, even if the phone looks genuine enough and so does the photo and description, some words like HTY Des1re mean that the seller can get away with selling the fake handset, even if the buyer did not know that it was fake.
If the phone image has been de-branded in any way or has been photo shopd to blank out the branding then it is most likely a fake device.
If the seller is in Hong Kong then the phone will be fake FULL STOP!
If the price is lower than usual look out for these things! It will help you to keep your cash in your wallet for the original one instead of jumping on the first phone you see but it turns out that its actually just a fake straight from hong-kong :-( (<< your face when you realise the phone is fake) which will be the first time you take off the envelope and see the box.

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