Phone Top up Cheats-Here FREE,Dont Pay for them!!!

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I am writing this Guide so People can get access to this information instead of having to Buy it off Sellers on ebay for up to £2. This is the Phone Top up cheats & Text Cheats that everybody on Ebay is Selling & the ONLY one that there is. Regardless of what Sellers state in there listing as they always try & make People buy there Cheat by saying all the other Sellers who sell this Cheat are Cons & NOT Selling the 'Proper Phone Cheat' that works. That is Rubbish as there is ONLY One Phone Top up Cheat & Text Cheat & i think you will find if you purchased them of all the sellers selling the Cheats that they ALL Would be EXACTLY the Same as there is ONLY One.

The Cheat is NOT a Con & DOES Work but it Requires a bit of Patience & you may not do it Correctly the first couple of times BUT Eventually it will become very easy with Practice.

It does NOT Require you to Tamper with your Phone or Make any Calls & it is a FULLY LEGAL & NOT Breaching any Phone Company or Ebay Rules or Regulations, it is Simply a Loophole in the System that people have Discovered you can get Free texts from & double your Credit when Topping up.

DONT Waste your Money giving these Sellers up to £2 just so as they can send you an Email or a Print out with this Exact information on it , when you have the Cheat Here Given to you Kindly by Myself!!!!

I Personally Sold this Cheat like many others for a Very Short while Only until i realised that i think People should be able to get access to this cheat for FREE & I didnt want to put myself to be in the Same Bracket of them Greedy, Penny Pinching Sellers who just want to Con People into paying for something that they Dont have too & something that should be accessed for free. So i Stopped after a very short while.

I was even Receiving Threatening Emails from a 'NEW' ebay sellers as He was selling this SAME phone Cheat as me telling me that he is going to mess all my good Feedback that i have worked Hard to get just because He does NOT want the competition of other people selling the phone cheats too!!! This is the Sad Mentality of MOST of the Ebayers that are selling these Phone Cheats, they think they Rule ebay & ONLY they have the Rights to sell these phone cheats.

If you look at my profile & my Recent x1 Negative Feedback, this is off the Ebay seller that has been Trying to Blackmail me & who has been sending me Pathetic, Childish Threatening Emails & has now decided to leave me Negative feedback to ruin all the good feedback i have got as he onl has 13 feedbacks himself!!!This Ebayer Deliberately & falsely Bought a phone Cheat off me a couple of weeks ago when i was still selling them & then left me threatening emails saying that he sells the genuine phone cheat & is going to mess me up & make my life hell & then asked for his money back . Yet HE is selling the SAME Phone Cheat as i was as there is only ONE!!! This is when i actually thought i am not going to put myself in the Same Bracket as these Very Very VERY SAD & PATHETIC PEOPLE as ive found out there are so many of them on ebay & Personally i do not associate with Scumbags like that as i have more Respect for people than these kind of excuse for a men. So i Strongly think that these Phone & Text cheats should be accessable by everyone for FREE which is why i wrote this guide. 


Here are the Phone Cheat & FREE Texts Instructions:

  1. Firstly Purchase your Top up voucher on any Network.
  2. Find a Friend, Family Member, Partner, Neighbour etc or ANYONE That is on the Same Phone Network as you & get them to also Buy a Top up Voucher
  3. ...Both of you must enter the SAME codes of the SAME Voucher on the SAME Phone at the SAME TIME
  4. ...Make Sure when you are both entering the codes that it is entered EXACTLY & Precisely
  5. ...Once you have pressed the # (Hash) Key, Switch off your phone & then turn it back on
  6. ...You will now find that you BOTH have £10 on your Phone :-) (if you have done it correctly & pressed each number at exactly the SAME Time, this may take a few attempts to get the hang of it fluently!!!)
  7. ...Apply the same thing with the other voucher & you will now have double your credit!!!


Heres a little Hint to help get you Started

Start the cheat with both of the Phones turned OFF & then do everything in sequence & make sure that every Button you press is at the same time. Also phone theTop up Numbers at the same time & once you have entered the top up pin on both phones, press the # key at the same time & switch the phones off at the same time. This is a little tricky but it does work :-)

300 Free 02 Texts for Life

This method is a little tricky so read carefully.

  1. ....Firstly Note down your anniversary date & the time you topped up on that day
  2. ....after the first month, the day before your anniversary date change the date & time back on your phone to the previous month anniversary date.
  3. ...make sure that when you press set the for the previous month you set it the exact time you set to the previous month. you may ask why but this is just a loophole step
  4. ...once you have done this leave your phone off for one whole day.
  5. ....after this one day it should now be your anniversary day of your phone & you should now have your 300 free texts!!!
  6. ...repeat this for every month & you will never have to top up in your whole life!!!!!!!


I Hope this Guide was Helpful & Please Rate this Guide & Let me know if it was helpful as i hope that people see this guide & dont end up wasting there money on buying it when they dont have to now as they can get the phone cheats here & also remeber dont let anyone try & tell you that they have the genuine guide & all that canoodle as there is only one loophole cheat & this is it & this is the one that every seller on ebay sells, they just tell you its different as they dont want you to go & buy it off any other seller but them!!!!

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1). This is FREE Public Information available on the Web for Free.

2). Other People are Selling this Information on Ebay & are Allowed too.

3). I Prefer to Share this Information, i have the Full Re-Sale Rights to it including the Right to give it for Free, this is Simply a 'Guide' so Please Treat it as this.

4). All of the Above information is 100% Legal.

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