Phones/MP3's by 1st/2nd Class Mail is NOT A GOOD IDEA!

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Hello All

As a buyer and seller of Mobile phones, I am astounded at the number of members who will sell a phone advertising delivery by 1st or 2nd class mail.

Be aware, if it goes missing, THE SELLER is the only party who can claim from the Post Office and the MAXIMUM compensation is £32. It therefore makes real sense, if your item is valued over this figure, to ensure you will get ALL your money back (excluding the cost of postage).

At your local post offices the counter staff will always ask ''Is the Item of value''. They are obliged to ask to you this as normal mail will only cover you against loss or damage to the value of  £32 as I've already mentioned.

A large number of mobile phones sold on eBay are above this figure and therefore, to avoid any possible argument or negative feedback, should sent 'Special Delivery'. This gives the Seller full insurance coverage against loss or damage and as it has to be signed for, therefore the seller KNOWS that it has been delivered and another big plus is that it is a ''next day'' service.

The cost of this service is £4.50 or £5.70 (depending on weight) and the seller is covered up to £500.....a small additional price to pay for piece of mind and a smooth transaction.

AND more importantly, if it goes to dispute ebay/Paypal will INSIST on PROOF OF DELIVERY or a tracking number. Proof of postage is NOT enough and the SELLERS account will be suspended/limited from the moment the dispute is opened

If you have a cheaper phone to sell (under £32 in value) then ''Signed for'' is the way to go, read below, the extract from the Post Office website.

Take advantage of our Recorded Signed For service and benefit from a range of great features.

  • Excellent value at just 68p plus normal postage
  • Peace of mind with proof of postage
  • Use online tracking to check if your item has been delivered
  • A signature is obtained upon delivery
  • Next working day delivery for most First Class Recorded items

I hope this guide will be of use....but there will always be a few ''cheapskates'' out there who will advertise expensive Postage /packing and then ship it to you by the cheapest means possible and then tell you it's not their fault when it goes missing....I know because it's happened to me...which is why I am writing this guide. If you are the BUYER just ask the seller to send it Special D....they usually will at no extra cost, if you explain they are responsible for claiming any loss.

REMEMBER -the seller IS responsible for the Item until it is signed for OR can produce a TRACKING number, regardless of what they may say or advertise.

Good look and Safe bidding

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