Photographing flat items like books and DVDs

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You'd think that there was nothing easier than taking a photograph of a book or DVD - true, it's simple, but taking a GOOD photo of a book or DVD takes 1 minute longer - that's all.

The trick to getting a good shot is not to place the book on a table and stand over it, when you do that you get a tailing off effect at the top of the photo, you see the same thing if you look at railway lines, they seem to be meeting at a point in the distance, it's the same with the book but in a smaller scale.


the photo above has wide margins at the top of the photo, the one below has even margins around the book


  I put a small object put under the top end of the book to lift the top edge off the table and closer to the camera, that is the secret!


Just position the book in the centre of the viewfinder so that the margins are even, tilt the camera until you get it right then take your photo (take a few just to be sure that you've got the perfect one) if the finished photo has slightly more margin on one side you can fix that by cropping it but if the book is at an angle with wider margins at the top then cropping it won't fix it.

Another way to have the margins the same width around the book is to put a background cloth or card in the floor and stand over the book to take the photo, obviously keeping your feet out of the way -

The eBay book photos were just quick demonstration snaps taken on a wooden table top but the very best look is achieved with a background cloth or card so that there is nothing in the photo to catch the eye other than the book like this photo

Another way to get a good face-on image is to use a standing backdrop like the one I showed in my other ebay photography guide 'My £10 eBay tabletop photo studio'


It's made up of 3 box files and a thick piece of card covered with a plain cloth and a lamp shining at the wall to give a soft bounced light


You'd stand the book against the backdrop and sit at the table to get a face-on shot


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