Photographing your items

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This informal and short guide will help you to take good photograph's of your items, which will help to sell them! :)


  • Background

Ensure the background is plain and not distracting - a white sheet behind large items works well, and a white peice of paper behind small items works well too.

  • Lighting

It is useful to have good, even lighting (outside or inside with the lights on) falling onto your object, so you don't have to use a flash - which can reduce the detail of your object.

  • Composition

Make sure that you have all the important parts of your item in the photo, for example - does your necklace include a box? make sure you photograph it! and remember to photograph the object and the object only - other objects (the cat, the dog, your foot) will be distracting! Make sure that the space around your object isnt too big either - you want the viewer to be able to see the object clearly, particuarly when the photograph is small in the gallery.

  • Quality

Photograph's taken on your phone will generaly have poor quality, it is definatly worth investing in a digital compact camera! I suggest one with a good amount of megapixels (about 8mp and up), with auto focus, and no aperture or shutterspeed options.

  • Editing

To ensure that your photograph represents your item correctly, avoid increasing the contrast too much or altering the colours. However a little cropping or straighting can improve your photograph.


I hope this helps! :)

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