Pick of the Sketches - Monty Python

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Monty Python's Flying Circus was first broadcast in 1969, in fact it was nearly broadcast in black and white. The performers are John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam. Cleese and Chapman wrote together in a very thesarus-like way (names of cheeses, being dead, etc.) Palin and Jones wrote together,  slipping in historical detail maybe. Both Idle and Gilliam wrote singly, it is difficult to work out what Idle's style was, Gilliam made the cartoon sections. They were joined for the most part, by Carol Cleveland. Their female characters were called Pepperpots (first introduced in How to Irritate People) and the slow people with handkerchiefs on their heads were called Gumbies. They also had several films-Monty Python and the Holy Grail is most known to the US, Life of Brian to the UK.

Here are their top ten watched sketches on Youtube.

1. How Not to Be Seen.

A spoof public information film which demonstrates the value of not being seen.

2. Woody and Tinny Words.

Called the best sketch ever, a group in a drawing room discuss words.

3. The Argument Clinic.

Someone who is search of a good argument.

4. Spam

There seems to be some repetition in the menu, and there are also some Vikings.

5. Silly Job Interview

A job interviewer who just wants to humilate the interviewee.

6. Historical Football

A football game with historical Germans and Greeks.

7. The Funniest Joke in the World.

Quite a strange one as it seems to go back and forth in time. A joke helps the war effort.

8. I Wish to Report a Burglary.

Different policeman who have different levels of deafness.

9. Self defence against fruit.

An army type demonstrates this bizarre technique.

10. The Dead Parrot Sketch.

Someone has bought a Norweigan Blue. You know the rest.

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