Picking the perfect water feature for you.

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It's official - we love water features. Visually stunning in all year round. They are calming and beautiful in the summer, muted and majestic in the winter. 
If you've always wanted a water feature in your garden but aren't sure where to start with shopping for one, check out our introductory guide to some of our popular and timeless styles.

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Oak Barrel Water Features:

Oak Barrel water features are perfect for the traditionally minded. Crafted from oak whiskey barrels, they are the epitome of ye olde style. 
In a variety of sizes and classic styles, they capture a sense of old worldly whimsy that visitors cannot help but comment on. 

Solar Powered Water Features:

Concerned with issues of an eco-friendly nature? Our solar powered water features are a great choice to make the most of days when there is plenty of sunshine. 
From contemporary stainless steel spheres to terracotta cascades, you can enjoy a peaceful feature in the garden without worrying about an inflated electricity bill. 
All of these water features do come with mains adaptors however, because we all know too well how unpredictable the British weather can be! 

Natural Stone Water Features:

Constructing a modern garden with artistic flair and cutting edge lines? Natural stone water features will look stunning nestled in your dream landscape. 
Available in a range of stunning natural rainbow-effect colours, they are so much more than a water feature. They are also art, shaping your garden into an eye catching oasis. 

Stainless Steel Water Features:

Stainless steel water features are another option if you want your garden to have a contemporary feel to it. 
Our sphere, tube and cascade-style water features come complete with lighting, which when illuminated give the feature the look of a modern art installation. 
Turn them on at night for an instant wow-factor as the shining surface of your water feature reflects light beautifully around your garden. 

Indoor or Table Top Water Features:

Not got a garden? You don't need to miss out on water features. Indoor or Table top water features are for you! Compact and easy to set up (just plug in and go!) You can enjoy the gentle calm of running water inside your own home or office. 
Many of our indoor water features come with lights for that extra bit of pizazz.
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