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I have also not received my item from Pine on Line. I have contacted ebay, filed a dispute and filed a dispute with Paypal even though its past 45 days and not eligible. I have also emailed ebay and paypal - so far I have received no reply

I have filed an official complaint with consumer direct The companies website is and you can find their complete address phone number and details. If the site is taken down you can search for pine on line essex in google and they will be in local business listings.

If we all work together we may get our money back. I have lost over £100 and its not something I can afford to throw away.

PayPal has said :

"Please be advised that PayPal reserves the right to reopen any claim for

investigation within 180 days if we receive multiple complaints about a

single seller."

So this means we should ALL file a dispute in paypal and we may get our money back. Hopefully!

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