Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator Platinum DVC 100

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Like if this guide is helpful
I hope this guide will help frustrated UK dad's to set up their kids Dazzle!
First of all, yes, you can use this item to record gameplay from your XBox 360 or Playstation 3
But it's not easy. The DVC 100 is 50hz. Most of your games will require 60hz
I cannot see any reason why you couldn't just buy the red dazzle video card and save a lot of money as the software is available from pinnacle as a download. However, this guide is for the DVC100 Platinum.
First thing you will need is the 3 RCA splitters and the triple leads (red yellow white) I am not going into detail as you will find that info all over YouTube etc.
First install your pinnacle software that comes with the DVC100. now run capture. You probably aren't getting a preview working at all, Ignore the message which says the leads are not connected device not found and move onto installing this software update you need to find a file called pcleusb2x322  I will put the link in but ebay will probably cut it. if so go to forward slash pcleusb2x322  ( Out of date ) in your browser without brackets. Unzip the file with winzip and run it. It will update your pinnacle software (It is a file from Pinnacles download site but is very hard to find) Now go into capture settings and change your setting to NTSC  NOT PAL Now you should get a preview in B&W Great!
Now you need some more software (I said it was complicated) Now you need AmCap to change from 50hz to 60hz download the following file (out of date) again, forward slash amcap with your dazzle connected install amcap. Now launch pinnacle studio, with the xbox running so you have the preview in B&W on your pc screen, launch amcap, set device as pinnacle 100 for audio and video now go into options/video filters and set your system to SECAM B. Now your ready!
Launch Pinnacle studio again, hit capture/ start capture now quickly launch amcap close the amcap (You do need to launch amcap every time you start capture but it's pretty easy) window, you should now be recording in colour. As you are using the composite cables for the TV and dazzle you can't connect the xbox by HDMI lead. For better quality on your HD TV screen, I have found you can connect the spare xbox leads (Green etc) into corresponding the TV, unplug either the white or red xbox wire from the splitters and stretch it over to the audio plug on the RCA HD connections (TV) that will give you mono sound from both the TV and to the PC.
I hope this guide helps you to set up your Dazzle DVC100. Use the YouTube videos to fill in the gaps.
Another tip which I cannot confirm; the older platinum Dazzle (DVC170) is already 60hz, so if you can get hold of one, it would make life easier! For quick reference, the DVC170 is silver, the DVC100 is black 
Th Software listed is no longer available at the sites I've posted and as most games consoles now come able to record video this guide is pretty out of date. Probably still usefull for copying VHS to DVD but otherwise not relevant.
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