Pirate DVD's (and I don't mean the Johnny Depp kind!)

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Please becarefull!  I'm sure many people sell genuine new dvd's, some are imports, but remember pirate dvd's are NOT ILLEGAL IN ALL COUNTRIES!!

I've just been conned I brought a dvd for my daughter, the seller claimed it was imperfect stock due to a misprint.  I thought nothing of it when there was a spelling mistake on the back.  Like he said it was a duff batch!  But when she went to play it the dvd it jumped and skipped the sound and picture was awful! 

I then inspected the dvd only to see the dvd had a printed label on it!  Last I knew Disney didn't print and stick they're dvd's!

The seller may have brought them from abroad in good faith.  But becareful!  If one arrives and it is a fake REPORT IT!  It takes a few minutes and if we all do it then people will be more carefully about what they sell.

In short if it says its an import unless its from a country with copyright laws don't bother!


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