Pirate/Fake/Counterfeit Goods and what to do about them

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Pirate/Fake/Counterfeit Goods and what to do about them

Ebay seems to have a fair amount of counterfeit goods being sold on a daily basis.

If you suspect a seller is selling them then what can you do?

First of all  -Do not buy them.

Second of all  -Report the seller.

The only way that these items are removed is by ebay members reporting them via half way down the listing page where it says 'Report this item' (Just above the item number).

A sellers feedback will show if they have had neutrals or negatives for selling counterfeit goods from buyers or low sellers ratings for items not being as described.

The seller won't know who it is that has reported them so you can do this with confidence.

We all need to 'police' ebay ourselves so to speak and as it is a community, so lets keep the community spirit by reporting all counterfeit goods.

Not everyone wants to buy fake goods so you need to warn others!

Did you know that some fake cosmetics contain harmful substances such as mercury?

If you have already bought fake goods then contact trading standards.

Just say NO to Fakes.
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