Pirated GPS software

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No matter how many times they are reported, and no matter how many times eBay ignore the reports, there are still loads of sellers making a lot of money on eBay selling illegal GPS software.

And the sad thing is that most of the purchasers know that it's an illegal version.

The give-away signs:-

"No activation code required" ..... legal software needs activating.

"I will email you the code after you have left me positive feedback" ..... enough said.

"RRP £100, buy-it-now £5" ..... very generous.

"Buy-it-now £25, 100 available" ..... they must have negotiated a good bulk buy discount from the manufacturer.

"Comes on an SD card" ..... if there is a picture it will show a generic 50p card they got from a supermarket.

Think about this for a moment, this software has generally been downloaded from a torrent site, there are some very, very clever people out there, the software will have originally been a legal version, but then it gets modified to remove activation codes and stuff, what if it were modified in some other way? GPS on mobile 'phones is very popular these days, so you've bought your software off of some scrote for a tenner and installed it on your phone, it works great, but what if whilst it's getting you to turn left off of spaghetti junction, it dials a premium rate number on your 'phone?  Or it sends spam out to everyone in your address book at your expense? Or it uploads all of your pics of your partner in the bath? Science-fiction? I don't think so.

Yes, the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I bought some illegal GPS software last year, and the gentleman concerned narrowly avoided a custodial sentence.

So the choice is yours really, buy an illegal version and save yourself a few quid in the short term if it works, or hold your head up high in the knowledge that you have a genuine version and the reliability and back-up that goes with it.

I guess this guide will take a hit from the illegal sellers clicking the 'not helpful' button at the bottom, so I would urge you to click the 'YES' guide was helpful button, even if this guide wasn't particularly helpful because it merely contains what most sensible people already know, but a yes vote will be sticking two fingers up to the GPS 'knock-off Nigels' out there.



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