Pirated Tuitional DVDs

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Hi folks!

Although Gig Supplies has not been going for long, I've been working with other eBay sellers for years now. Once again though, on starting up my new business, I find that pirated copies of tuitional DVDs are making things difficult.

Although I'm sure it happens to many DVDs, the ones I'd like to warn you about are illicit copies of the excellent "Play In One Day" series of guitar and bass DVDs by Eezeestrings. I have been in contact with a number of buyers complaining that they have bought these DVDs from seemingly reputable sellers, only to discover a shoddily copied version popping through their letter box.

A few things first - I know that these particular DVDs are very high quality products. They are shot in High Definition, detailed and user friendly, and I hear nothing but compliments about them in my shop. We wouldn't sell them otherwise. What is particularly infuriating therefore is that these fradulent pirated copies are blackening the name of what is a very high quality product.

So, suffice to say that if you or anyone you know is after a Play In A Day DVD, make sure you're getting an original and if you don't, report the seller. He's robbing you and he's robbing the DVD producers and he's certainly not helping you learn to play!

All the best,

Gig Supplies

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