Pit Bike imports - things to be aware of

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Pit Bike imports - things to be aware of

I have a 125cc pit bike that I purchased around 3 weeks ago, on first inspection it seemed a really good import. 

I have already had some minor teething problems. 

I’ve only ridden the bike once in that time.
The clutch was slipping. 
The speedometer had lost some digits, but worst of all

I turned the handlebars to full lock which in turned snapped the ignition key of in the barrel. Not good but all of my problems were put right within 1 hour by the extremely efficient main dealer, even including a new speedometer

Now the bike runs like a dream in my opinion for the silly low price I paid on the road real great big boys toy the pit bikes's 125cc engine is very similar to one by one of the biggest names in motorcycling so should be ultra reliable and it seems to pull like a train.

Tuning for a friendlier ride-

Change the front sprocket to a 17 tooth to make the bike rider friendly, which also makes all the other components seem really sturdy.   


All in all I’m giving the 'Shineray' boys a massive pat on the back and **** 

I hope this is some use to you in your search for a pit bike happy hunting.

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