Planning a Short Break in Switzerland

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Planning a Short Break in Switzerland

Switzerland is the perfect spot for a short break that lasts perhaps a weekend or a few days. Getting away to Switzerland is fun, but there is planning involved to take a trip, no matter where travellers are coming from. Planning a short break entails everything from travel tickets, either plane or train passes, passports, and of course, accommodations once travellers reach Switzerland. There are many options when it comes to places to stay, depending on budget and location. There are also options to hire a car for guests who want to do their own sightseeing in Switzerland.

Before planning a short break, it is a good idea to set a travel budget. This helps travellers keep to a plan when it comes to the financial aspect of the trip, and helps accommodate other purchases along the way such as food, souvenirs, or travel to other locations from Switzerland if that is an option. The most important thing is for people to give themselves plenty of time to plan the trip. Even a short break requires planning, and that can be made easier with the help of eBay.

Arranging Travel

The most important factor about planning a short break to Switzerland is to arrange for travel. For people who are within driving distance, hiring a car may be an option, or hiring a car upon arrival can be a good way to explore the city. Others may need to fly or take a train to their destination. Choosing when the trip is to take place is the first step in creating travel plans and an itinerary.

Flight Tickets

Finding flight tickets to Switzerland is simple. Travellers simply need to select a date for their short break and a point of departure. Some tickets come separately, and some come in travel packages for a short break. Travellers should find out about connecting flights if there are any, and what airlines have available flights that are closest to the destination and accommodations in Switzerland.

Train Tickets

Some travellers would rather hop a train, or train travel may be more convenient. Travellers can purchase train passes to Switzerland on the Eurostar and plan a trip by train instead of flying. Train travelling can be a lot of fun and a scenic way to enjoy a trip for a short break to Switzerland.

Bus Tickets

A bus is typically an affordable and easy way to travel to Switzerland, but there may be a switchover that has to happen to get people to their final destination. Bus tickets are available online for low prices, and though the trip may take longer, it can be an interesting way to travel through many exotic cities like Calais.

Car Hire

Travellers may hire a car to drive to Switzerland, or hire a car upon arriving to drive to nearby destinations or see the city extensively. Car hire is generally affordable, and travellers may need to show proof of identity and insurance before hiring a vehicle for a short break. Many types and models of vehicles can be hired for this purpose.

Planning Accommodations

When it comes to accommodations while people are in Switzerland, there are a several basic as well as more interesting types. It is important to book accommodations in advance to ensure there is a room waiting for the guests' arrival. Guests should also bring any confirmation paperwork or numbers along with them to the hotel or other accommodation to have proof of the reservation if needed.

Bed and Breakfast

A neat option for a short break in Switzerland is for travellers to find lodging at a bed and breakfast. A bed and breakfast offers unique accommodations that are smaller than hotels, and generally less expensive. Breakfast is part of the deal, and the accommodations may be located in scenic spots like on farms or in countryside settings, which can make a short break even more peaceful and relaxing.


Some travellers simply want to enjoy Switzerland by staying in a deluxe hotel. Hotels range in price from affordable to more luxurious. Hotels usually include restaurants and possibly other amenities like gyms and shops.

Hotels range from modest tourist versions to elegant and elaborate hotels which offer more features. Selecting a hotel may depend on where the travellers want to be located within Switzerland, and what the budget for accommodations is.

Guest Houses

In Switzerland, some of the landmarks like old castles and manors have been converted into hotels and guest houses. A manor house can be an interesting place to stay, and it may offer many stories of its own to make the trip more exciting, such as haunted castles and houses. Staying at one of these may possibly be part of an all-inclusive package, which includes travel arrangements.

Spa Resorts

Staying at a spa resort can combine a much-needed vacation with a relaxing, pampering getaway. Planning a short break at a spa can include massages and other treatments, swimming or Jacuzzi tubs, lovely food, and exercise classes along with scenic accommodations.

All-Inclusive Packages

For travellers who do not want the hassle of booking tickets, hiring cars, and finding hotels or bed and breakfasts separately, purchasing a package holiday is an easy way to get everything taken care of at once. Package holidays to Switzerland may include travel arrangements such as airfare or train tickets, accommodations, and even some activity planning or tours along with food or drink options as well.

Arranging Activities

Planning a break to Switzerland also includes doing some research to find out about what activities may be engaging upon visiting, and making plans to visit certain locales and do some shopping or sightseeing. There are many options depending on which city travellers are heading to, so it is best to do research ahead of time and make plans to visit the desired locations or purchase tickets if necessary to events or attractions.

Packing for a Short Break

Once travellers have set up the important aspects of the trip such as flying or taking a train, hiring a car, finding accommodations, and planning activities and sightseeing, the final factor in planning a short break is to figure out packing. Travellers should take into account how long they will be gone and what items they need for various events and activities.

Clothing and Toiletries

When travelling even for a short break, people need various types of clothing. The best way to know what to pack for a trip is to check the weather in Switzerland, and pack accordingly. Comfortable clothes that does not wrinkle or need ironing is a safe bet, as are a couple of nicer items for dinners out or special events.

For spa resorts, swimwear is a must, as well as summer or beach dresses for beach and pool excursions. Night-time clothing such as pyjamas is necessary, and things like sun hats, makeup, daily toiletries, and items that are used on a daily basis should be brought in small quantities. Luggage for a short break does not have to be extensive. One large bag and a small carry-on, as well as a tote are generally enough.


For people who plan to do a lot of walking and sightseeing, comfortable trainers are the best bet. Otherwise, people should pack according to the weather, but make sure their shoes match their activities, and are also comfortable, such as flip-flops or sandals for the pool and nice dress shoes for more upscale dinners.

Bringing Other Important Items

Other things that travellers do not want to forget include any paperwork and documents such as passports, tickets, itineraries, and receipts, as well as chargers for mobile phones or electronic entertainment items. Items that are usually forgotten include toothpaste, shampoo, hair dryers, or undergarments, as well as cameras and batteries or chargers for those items. Travellers should make a list of last minute items to add to their bags, and do a double-check before departure to ensure they have everything needed for their short break.

Purchasing Items for a Short Break in Switzerland on eBay

When you are ready to head to Switzerland for a weekend or a few days, stop by eBay to get everything you need for a great trip. Grab flight tickets or train passes, luggage, or find out about travel packages to get everything you need at once to make travelling a breeze. Treat yourself to a new outfit or some swimwear for your trip, and do not forget to take your camera and charger along so you can document your trip. Buy tickets and travel items from sellers who have excellent feedback, and if you want to discuss tickets or accommodations with a seller, click "Ask a Question&" on the seller's page.

Before purchasing tickets, compare listings to see what the better deal is, and make sure you are getting reputable accommodations. Ask for a confirmation when you book, so you can have proof of the tickets and reservation to contact the hotel and double-check your room. Grab last minute items such as travel cases for your makeup, a hair dryer, eBook reader for a long flight, and comfortable trainers so you have everything you need to have a fun and exciting trip to Switzerland. A guidebook would not hurt, either.


Taking a short break to Switzerland is a great way to unwind and relax for many people. Planning a trip can be frustrating, but it does not have to be. All it takes is a bit of organisation and planning to make the trip a success. For travellers who have never been to Switzerland, there may be many exciting sights to see, castles to visit, and shops and restaurants to check out. For guests who are planning a peaceful spa visit, relaxation may be the only item on the itinerary.

Advanced planning and booking of travel tickets, accommodation reservations, and even restaurant reservations can alleviate frustration once travellers get to their destination, and it ensures that everything runs smoothly without a hitch. Creating a checklist of things to do before the trip helps with travellers' peace of mind, and a double-check of that list ensures nothing is forgotten before departure.

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