Plantronics gamecom 1 headset

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I have been the proud owner of this headset for over six months now and i still think it is a wonderfull piece of kit. It is primarily designed to provide gamers with a high quality headset which they can communicate with there piers while not compromising on sound quality. First of all, this headset fits snugly over your ears and even after 8+ hours of use you do not feel any iritation whatsoever infact i just tend to forget that i'm wearing it, infact that is the biggest problem, sometimes after a nice session of gaming i get up and walk towards the door without taking the headset off then i stop suddenly and say a nasty word!!! my poor computer has nearly had its headphone and miceopgone sockets ripped out due to my stupidness! Anyway as i was saying the headset connects using two anolgue headphone and microphone jacks (separate) and has a handy clip on the cord so you can clip it to your jacket to prevent it pulling down on your head.

      Sound quality is excellant (i listen to all my music on it through a soundblaster xfi fatal1ty edition sound card and it sound absolutely fantastic!! the base and trebel are just right and it handles the higher notes beutifully.

       As for the microphone: the sound quality is above many more expensive producs and is perfect for VOIP Communications. Let me just comment on the fact that the mic. on this headset is so good i use it for my monthly podcast and it sound like it was recorded in a studio (my bedroom is far from that!)

   As for smaller things i have allready commented on the handy jacket clip, but another nifty feature is the mic. boom itself: the main arm goes up and down so thatit can be put up against the head strap when the mic. is not in use (eg. listening to music) and the end of the arm is made from rubber so you can adjust it to get it the perfect distance from your mouth.

      finally the price! i bought mine from eBay about 6 months ago for £30.00 so i imagine they can be picked up for less now!   

 i would thoroughly recomend this product to everyone 100% 5/5 10/10 BUY IT NOW!!

       go on                                             BUY IT NOW

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