Plastic Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

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Plastic Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

A plastic chest of drawers is an optimal storage solution for many living situations. A plastic chest of drawers can provide an inexpensive way to store many items including clothes, knick-knacks, kitchen utensils, or various other household and work items. Even if a chest of drawers is made out of plastic, it can still be stylish and look nice when placed appropriately. Plastic chests of drawers are able to hold any item necessary that are smaller than the drawers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, and some are stackable on each other to create a tower and provide more storage space.

Colour schemes of a room are an important consideration when purchasing plastic chests of drawers. While they are commonly found in white, they are also available in nearly every other colour that may be desired. Knowing the dimensions of the space, style, and how much storage is necessary should be factored into the decision. eBay has a large selection of plastic chests of drawers to browse through and purchase.

Preparing to Purchase a Plastic Chest of Drawers

Note the space that the chest of drawers is going. Take measurements of the height, width and depth of the location where the plastic chest of drawers is desired. Write down these measurements to ensure that the drawers will properly fit in the allocated space. Also, consider the colour scheme of the room, as clear plastic has a very distinct look. This look may or may not be desired.

Basic Structures of Plastic Chests of Drawers

Each set of a plastic chest of drawers has a certain amount of drawers. Some chests only have one drawer, while others have many drawers. Typically, the more drawers, the smaller they are. There are sometimes large drawers with one or two, which are good for holding clothes or larger items. Other drawers can be nearly flat and skinny. These drawers are more suitable to paper and office supply or jewelry, tools, and utensils. Consider the future contents of the drawers before deciding upon the size of the drawers. Some basic sizes and types of chests are found below.

Six Drawer Mini Chest

Mini chests typically have smaller drawers and are often narrower than a regular set of drawers. Mini chests fit under desks, in closest, and in tight spaces. They can also be kept above or below countertops, and other lower areas to store important smaller items.

Three Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers

A three drawer wide chest helps sort medium and smaller items. These chests are wider, and so do not easily fit into tight spaces. They can be stacked upon one another or have rollers to be moved around. They are suitable for supplementing desk storage space in an office, holding smaller clothes in a bedroom, and also fit in wider closets to assist with organization.

Stacker Drawers

Stack plastic drawers are on the larger side. They can hold large clothes, tools, pots and pans or other large items. They easily stack on one another to create large towers holding these items.

Countertop Drawers

Countertop drawers are typically smaller and are easily placed on countertops of office desks to organise various office supply. Other drawers are also placed on tops of desks and counters but take up a lot more space and are not as commonly found as countertop drawers.

Features of Plastic Chests of Drawers

Different chests of drawers have different features that may be desired. Be sure to decide on colour scheme, uses and style before purchasing. Different features serve specific purposes and can impact the style of the drawers. Some plastic chests of drawers are more heavy duty and have a gloss sheen, making them look more like a laminate than a typical plastic chest of drawers.

Drawers with Rollers vs. Drawers without Rollers

One of the advantages of having a plastic chest of drawers is the light weight. When empty, plastic drawers are easy to move and relocate. Some plastic sets of drawers come with rollers as feet, allowing them to roll around a room when they are filled. If the drawers are going to be moved frequently around the room, having rollers on the feet is a suitable option. They do not roll as easily on carpet as they do on harder surfaces.

Plastic Chests of Drawers with Adjustable Feet

Some sets of drawers come with height adjustable feet. The adjustable feature allows for each foot to adjust and vary in height individually. This is suitable for a floor that has an uneven height. It allows for the chest of drawers to stay even, with the appropriate structural support necessary, on uneven floors.

Creating Stackable Plastic Chests of Drawers

When a plastic chest of drawers has been found to suit the needs of the room, multiples of the same type may be purchased to stack on each other. This adds more height to the storage and thus more storage to a tight but tall area. Smaller plastic chests of drawers can also be mixed and matched with a variety of sizes to create certain stylistic impacts. Smaller drawers can also be placed on top of larger drawers as there are typically drawers of the same style and colours in varying sizes. There are matching sets of plastic chests of drawers that come in a variety of sizes and can be stacked together to create the same look but holding different sized items. Different colours from the same set can be mixed and matched to create a colourful effect, if desired.

Some chests are deeper and wider than other typical chests of drawers. This allows the space in each individual drawer to be further organised with small baskets and dividers.

Colours of Plastic Chests of Drawers

One of the advantages of choosing a plastic chest of drawers over other more natural materials is that they come in nearly every colour to match every style and colour scheme. Some drawers have a clear drawer with a coloured frame, thus adding the advantage of seeing the contents of the drawer while it is closed, while still matching the colour and style of the rest of the room.

Chests with Compartment Tops

Chests of drawers that are not meant to be stacked sometimes have compartments on top that are used to keep small items organised, without utilizing the drawers. This is different from just setting things on top of the drawers, as it keeps it more organised and clean looking. If the objects are small enough, the top of the drawer will be flush, allowing other things to rest on top of the drawers. If the smaller items do fit in the compartments, other small plastic drawers may be stacked on top.

How to Buy a Plastic Chest of Drawers on eBay

Begin your search by typing descriptive words into the search box on the eBay homepage. Although plastic chests of drawers are available in other places, eBay has a large selection of drawers with a variety of styles and colours available. After typing in relevant keywords, eBay will return results and you can narrow down the results based on the specifications desired.

Be sure to read the detailed description by clicking on the listing. Check the seller’s feedback to ensure that the seller is one that you feel comfortable with. The feedback displays the seller’s history for the previous 12 months and can give you important information. The seller may also have other item listings that may interest you. Finding multiple items from the same seller may save money on postage. Another good idea is to browse the bedroom furniture category on eBay for other furniture items that you may be looking for. The bedroom furniture category has a wide variety of items available and eBay has a wide array of listing for plastic chests of drawers of all different sizes and colours, and to suit a variety of tastes.


Plastic chests of drawers are a storage solution for a variety of living situations. They are lightweight, versatile, and come in a wide variety of sizes. Be sure to note the measurements of the space where the drawers will be placed. Also take into consideration the style and colour scheme of the room where the drawers are needed. Because of the different sizes of drawers, they can fit in a variety of spaces to suit many needs. Further, you can swap out the drawers if they crack without needing to replace the whole unit.They can help organize storage sheds, assist with bedrooms, or be used in offices. There are different styles, including the mini sizes or the larger sizes. They also have a variety of features, some plastic drawers have wheels, can be stacked, have compartments on top, and come in a variety of different colours. Finding the right set of drawers can help keep a room organised. eBay has a wide variety of clear and coloured plastic drawers to choose from. Assembling the chest of drawers is usually simple.

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