Playstation 2 games that everyone should try once.

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Playstation 2 games that everyone should try once guide.

Hello, this is my first eBay guide and I thought that I would share with you a list of PS2 games that everyone should try at least once.

I have been playing games since the early 1970's and Pong was the first game that I ever played.

In the past I have owned a ZX Spectrum 48k, Atari 2600 VCS, Sega Megadrive, Sega Mega CD, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation 1, Playstation 2 and currently a Sony Playstation 3.

Most of the games I still have in my collection and sorry but they are not for sale!

I have included the minimum memory required in brackets for your reference plus the age rating for each game.

The list is in no particular order:

LEGO STAR WARS (Action/Platform-62kb-Ages 3+)

LEGO STAR WARS II (Action/Platform-82kb-Ages 3+)

GOD OF WAR (Action/adventure-454kb-Ages 18+)

GOD OF WAR 2 (Action/adventure-525kb-Ages 18+)

PSYCHONAUTS (Platform-1553kb-Ages 12+)

ICO (Action/adventure-360kb-Ages 3+)

WE LOVE KATAMARI (Puzzle/action-80kb-Ages 3+)

GITAROO MAN (Rhythm/action-265kb-Ages 3+)

FAHRENHEIT (Adventure-187kb-Ages 15+)

GRADIUS V (Shooter-40kb-Ages 3+)

GRAN TURISMO 4 (Racing-1493kb-Ages 3+)

VIRTUA TENNIS 2 (Sports/tennis-362kb-Ages 3+)

AMPLITUDE (Rhythm/action-72kb-Ages 12+)

FREQUENCY (Rhythm/action-128kb-Ages 11+)

TETRIS WORLDS (Puzzle-45kb-Ages 3+)

R-TYPE FINAL (Shooter-145kb-Ages 3+)

OUTRUN 2006 COAST TO COAST (Racing-1473kb-Ages 3+)

SSX3 (Sports/snowboarding-116kb-Ages 7+)

PARAPPA THE RAPPER 2 (Rhythm/action-140kb-Ages 3+)

NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED (Racing-121kb-Ages 3+)

APE ESCAPE 2 (Puzzle/action-300kb-Ages 11+)

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (Action/adventure-320kb-Ages 12+)

SUPER MONKEY BALL DELUXE (Puzzle-96kb-Ages 3+)

BURNOUT REVENGE (Racing-35kb-Ages U)

REZ (Shooter-54kb-Ages 3+)

HERDY GERDY (Puzzle-110kb-Ages 3+)

FORGOTTEN REALMS DEMON STONE (Action/adventure-88kb-Ages 12+)

FLIPNIC (Puzzle/pinball-30kb-Ages 3+)

SPACE CHANNEL 5 (Rhythm/action-73kb-Ages 3+)

MAXIMO (Action/adventure-341kb-Ages 11+)

GTA SAN ANDREAS (Action-400kb-Ages 18+)

JAK & DAXTER THE PRECURSOR LEGACY (Platform/action/adventure-700kb-Ages 12+)

TIMESPLITTERS 2 (First person shooter-246kb-Ages 15+)

BEYOND GOOD & EVIL (Action/adventure-470kb-Ages 7+)

TIME CRISIS 2 (Lightgun/shooter-80kb-Ages 15+)

AQUA AQUA WETRIX 2 (Puzzle-60kb-Ages 3+)

TAITO LEGENDS (Retro compilation-64kb-Ages 7+)

PRINCE OF PERSIA THE TWO THRONES (Platform/action/adventure-175kb-Ages 16+)

KILLZONE (First person shooter-64kb-Ages 16+)

RED DEAD REVOLVER (Western shooter-96kb-Ages 16+)

THE SIMPSONS HIT & RUN (Racing-221kb-Ages 7+)

SPIDERMAN 2 (Action/adventure-200kb-Ages 12+)

METAL GEAR SOLID 3 SNAKE EATER (Shooter/action-90kb-Ages 15+)

SPHINX AND THE CURSED MUMMY (Platform/action-200kb-Ages 12+)

BLACK (First person shooter-59kb-Ages16+)

OKAMI (Action/adventure-170kb-Ages 12+)

SEGA MEGADRIVE COLLECTION (Retro compilation-330kb-Ages 12+)

RESIDENT EVIL 4 (3rd Person shooter/horror-127kb-Ages 15+)

MERCURY MELTDOWN (Puzzle-81kb-Ages 3+)

SSX TRICKY (Sports/snowboarding-141kb-Ages 11+)

SLY 2 BAND OF THIEVES (Platform-100kb-Ages 3+)

DOG'S LIFE (Action/adventure-1,300kb-Ages 3+)

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 (3rd Person shooter/action/adventure-205kb-Ages 12+)

RYGAR (Action/adventure-150kb-Ages 11+)


GTA VICE CITY (Action-500kb-Ages 18+)

GTA VICE CITY STORIES (Action-330kb-Ages 18+)

RATCHET & CLANK (Platform/action/adventure-355kb-Ages 3+)

FUTURAMA (Platform/action/adventure-135kb-Ages 12+)

TRANSFORMERS (Shooter/action-49kb-Ages 7+)

7 SINS (Action-400kb-Ages 18+)

MONSTER HUNTER (Action/adventure-235kb-Ages 12+)

GREGORY HORROR SHOW (Action/adventure-707kb-Ages 12+)

EVERBLUE 2 (Diving sim-1034kb-Ages 3+)

There are some real gems amongst these games and are well worth buying and they are all games that I have played myself.

I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
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