Playstation 3 Region Free Buying an imported import PS3

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Importing a Playstation 3

Have you thought about importing a PS3? Maybe because you want a bigger harddrive or you fell in love with the white or silver PS3 or because you can get them at really good prices? Here is some information you need to know before buying one.


  • When people say the PS3 is region free they are referring to the games, to put it simply any PS3 from any country will play any game, eg an american PS3 can play games from the UK and likewise. The only thing to consider is to make sure the game menus and and sound are in english!

Blu-Ray and DVD

  • The PS3 is region coded for watching films so if your PS3 is a UK Pal model you can only watch Region 2 (UK PAL) Blu-Rays or DVD's not imports from any other country unless the DVD or Blu-Ray disc itself is region free, region free disc's will play on any console. This also applies to everyone else, eg an American console can only play NTSC format DVD's or Blu Ray's, not UK Pal.

Basically if you want your PS3 to just play games and your not bothered about watching DVD's or Blu-rays or can get imported films easily then get one, the console is in a wider range of colours and harddrive sizes at very good prices!

However if like a lot of people you bought it for the Blu-Ray/DVD player aswell then get the PS3 for your region so buying or renting films is not a chore!

I hope this was helpful to someone, check out my other reviews....

All the best jake PJMCCLARNON


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