Playstation 3 Scam, Watch Out !! BE AWARE !!

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If you know anything about gaming you will know that the PlayStation 3 will be almost impossible to get hold of this Christmas. In fact the only place you will probably have success is eBay. As long as you are prepared to pay way over the retail price.

This is fine as at least if you want a PlayStation 3 the chances are you may get one. However, this causes a problem.

While browsing the PlayStation 3 listings I noticed an alarming amount (over 90%) of auctions simply selling a picture of a PS3 or an email address (the email addresses are extremely common now) or simply a web link. The worst thing was some of these items were offered for hundreds of pounds/dollars to make it look like a genuine PlayStation 3 was being offered.

Obviously there are going to be some very disappointed people out there and this will only damage eBay's reputation. However, most of the listings clearly state what the item is and some would say if you are stupid enough not to read the item properly there is no wrong doing. I would have to disagree as the titles are misleading and it is a scam.

So what can I do to avoid being scammed?

  • First of all make sure you read the item description carefully, especially the title.
  • Check the seller’s feedback, if they have made their feedback private this is a sure sign of a scam. Also a low rating should be approached with caution. You should also check what other items they have sold/bought in the past. If it is a lot of cheap items be careful as they may have done this just to boost their feedback.
  • If the eBay account is new be suspicious.
  • Check the sellers other items for sale. Most sellers will only have one PlayStation 3 for sale. More than one could be a sign of a scam. Unless the seller is registered as a business seller.
  • Use the 'ask seller a question' feature. A genuine seller will respond.
  • Use PayPal for payment. This protects you as a buyer.
  • Use common sense. If it looks to good to be true it probably is.

As long as you are careful you should have no problems and you may get that PlayStation 3 in time for Christmas.

Good luck!

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